Game Night Stereotypes
Dude Perfect
Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the game night stereotypes!
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Comment: Punch the dragon!! LOL!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect

    Thanks for watching guys! COMMENT your favorite line below 😂 ⬇️ __________________________________

    • SKM

      @Pineapple Wot Blitz lol last again

    • Pineapple Wot Blitz
      Pineapple Wot Blitz

      first lol i know a lot of them lol.

    • GoGoatedPotato

      @SKM hmm let’s see about that

    • GoGoatedPotato

      @SKM no I’m last 😎

    • GoGoatedPotato

      @SKM XD I kept spamminh


    Nice effort for the Jumanji one!

  • NJ_ 16
    NJ_ 16

    So glad the stereotype music is the same😀 remember watching these guys all the time back in like 2014-18

  • StarGamesLy

    This is the funniest stereotypes ever.

  • The Jigglypuff That Makes Music! UwU
    The Jigglypuff That Makes Music! UwU


  • Trevor Morrison
    Trevor Morrison


  • timmy lipsey
    timmy lipsey

    Punch the dragon

  • Deanna Carlino
    Deanna Carlino

    I’m sorry but are we going to ignore the fact that one of the twins and his wife had “news” to tell people and then a little later she felt nauseous.. I could be totally of but like was that a hint that she could possibly be pregnant..?

  • Pooja Ghangal
    Pooja Ghangal

    Rage monster🤣

  • Beta

    What we like to see gamers

  • C Jordan
    C Jordan

    Day 90 of asked DP to make School stereotypes

  • 8D Audio & Lyrics
    8D Audio & Lyrics

    Rage monster 😂😂!! I clicked for that only! Lol!

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson

    Lol the best line 8:49

  • The Blazenator
    The Blazenator

    Man how did he survive getting slammed on the table

  • André Malki
    André Malki

    This was the best rage monster so far lol

  • puffmoose

    JESUS LOVES YOU LOVE HIM BACK!!!!! Love the vid.

  • Alexander Raines
    Alexander Raines


  • Alexander Raines
    Alexander Raines


  • Dylan Moreta-Tonato
    Dylan Moreta-Tonato


  • I Don't Freaking Know
    I Don't Freaking Know

    My heart skipped a beat when he threw that falcon

  • Jay Gee
    Jay Gee

    Oh, you make another video.

  • Slime n’ more
    Slime n’ more

    “The forever dice roller” is my favorite 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jameson McDonald
    Jameson McDonald

    POV: dude purthfest

  • Aimbot_ Abe_
    Aimbot_ Abe_

    The D&D one is totally accurate XD

  • Egg boi
    Egg boi

    Egg boi approved

  • Ev The Schon
    Ev The Schon

    idk which twin it was but when Ty was chainsawing the door and the twin goes TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE then Ty cuts a line and it looks like a cross and the twin goes EASTER!!!!

  • Ella Fernandes
    Ella Fernandes

    "I think I went here in 8th grade" "The Bathroom"

  • The Bruhmedy
    The Bruhmedy

    Nice video

  • Alicia Sherer
    Alicia Sherer

    '6 6

  • Gator Bruh
    Gator Bruh

    8:48 sledge mains be like:

  • Xavier Risinger
    Xavier Risinger

    Why does garret have long hair when he’s old garret

  • Matt Chuckle
    Matt Chuckle

    This has to be the best stereotype ever

  • Pradip Creation
    Pradip Creation

    This video funny asf ✔

  • Ryzr_v2

    no just no to the new guy

  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine

    8:23, this freezeframe, as a lego professional, hurt every cell and atom in my body

  • Beckett Jones
    Beckett Jones

    I literally did that puzzle a year ago

  • arrayan firmansyah
    arrayan firmansyah

    provide Indonesian subtitles, please

  • Jason Gallagher
    Jason Gallagher

    HAHAH that sniff from cody to tyler along with that look definitely means tyler owes cody a new phone from the spray paint

  • Richard Alan
    Richard Alan

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  • Tommy Games
    Tommy Games

    My favorite line was ____________________but seriously my favorite line like all the others another athlete I’m pretty sure he’s a golfer 🏌️ LEBRON JAMES!!!

  • Aiden Anderson
    Aiden Anderson

    I love game nights with my family we play gang beasts and watch movies

  • Skibbow games XD
    Skibbow games XD


  • Audrey Thomas
    Audrey Thomas


  • Addison Grubbs
    Addison Grubbs

    I for one, am completely stoked you included nerts in this. That game is the best. 😅👏

  • Xneous

    Can anyone please tell me the song from when they all rage

  • Phillip Oh
    Phillip Oh

    Wow these guys are just kings of entertaining. from trick shots to really well done comedy content - this was hilarious!

  • eagles fan27
    eagles fan27

    Why did I get dust in my eyes when they blew the dust off the Jumanji 2:22

  • Alisha Mickelson
    Alisha Mickelson

    I'm the "always green" player.... And probably a few others

  • Isaiah Tapoof
    Isaiah Tapoof

    Seeing that millanium falcon smashed hurt my heart

  • Dang Son
    Dang Son

    I’m just like the forever dice roller. I take longer sometimes too. In Monopoly, the game is twice as long because of me.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    I'm laughing at the dnd one bc I play it every week and that is 100% incorrect and perfect that way

  • Sketchy

    9:10 lol the rage monster didn’t last

  • Pramita Darji
    Pramita Darji

    My fav is the rage monster

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung


  • Enemy spotted
    Enemy spotted

    how do you clean it

  • Cipher-the-Tiefling

    did everyone disregard the fact the the big news was that she pregnant

  • Huann-Wei Sandy Austin Tseng
    Huann-Wei Sandy Austin Tseng

    This is the second time the rage monster was cancelled 😡

  • fan forever
    fan forever

    so I feel the need to defend D&D it's not bad

  • tacoflosser boi
    tacoflosser boi

    Its monke

  • Aar0n_D4sh Official
    Aar0n_D4sh Official


  • MFX Mason TEES
    MFX Mason TEES


  • Leonard aomeshu Mitsao's squad
    Leonard aomeshu Mitsao's squad

    Mr beast is gonna cross DP in subscribers soon🥺

  • Marcus Bautista
    Marcus Bautista


  • Traffixcone

    8:46 I lost it here

  • Unorthodox Savings
    Unorthodox Savings

    Wishing everyone a happy 2021💎

  • Chase Hudson
    Chase Hudson

    They play for fun and they fight like im confused

  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson

    I gotta know who’s house he destroyed lol

  • Alvaro Miguel
    Alvaro Miguel

    Yo, they always showing off their iPhone 11 max pro

  • Thomas Ronkainen
    Thomas Ronkainen

    "We're more mature than this." Then they go and totally destroy a microwave and a chandelier... Well maybe not yet

  • Dinkus

    I dont know about you guys but you cant really do this anymore because of COVID. Ahhhhhh the bad old days.

  • mr mecher
    mr mecher

    Idk about y'all but my fam and I play the game seriously Anyways I'm going to jail be back when the sponge I ate can give up him club

  • Joy Morris
    Joy Morris

    6:48 lol I have the same puzzle and lost a piece 😂

  • Oliver Overend
    Oliver Overend

    "The show made it sound really exciting" Looks like Ty's been watching the Queen's Gambit.

  • Lemon Guy
    Lemon Guy

    Dude this is purfect , better than perfect amazing

  • Julia Puppy
    Julia Puppy

    3:17 LOL that's all I have to say

  • Fidelmar Cornelio
    Fidelmar Cornelio

    What a best normal days ever see this most INfun ")

  • Eli Hall
    Eli Hall

    OT get crafty idea: egg drop test

  • SirGalah5d

    Me: *sees millennium falcon in the background also knowing rage monster hasn't come out yet* Also me: No.. They wouldn't..

    • Hadley Marston
      Hadley Marston

      😂 haha

  • Eli Hall
    Eli Hall

    i'm either the chess noob or the overthinker

  • Rem Sullivan
    Rem Sullivan

    Anyone see that nasty cut at 6:39

  • Sadie Hastings
    Sadie Hastings

    you r stwwpid

    • Sadie Hastings
      Sadie Hastings

      sdred you are bad

  • david josh Cabatic
    david josh Cabatic

    What a destruction

  • iiMytxh

    When i saw this vid i already knew what rage monster is gonna be like

  • MLG _Darkz
    MLG _Darkz

    I have been watching since 8 million wasn’t sub but I love his video

  • Katelin Strickland
    Katelin Strickland

    Th: cutting a Chandelier Me: how can he just cut that like that

  • Micheal Emmen
    Micheal Emmen

    They will play anything at this point

  • Pugel 97
    Pugel 97

    Who wants to see last year

  • lydelifts

    I wish I had enough money to just completely destroy a kitchen

  • Xxquizit ON YT
    Xxquizit ON YT

    Who was just waiting for the rage monster

  • Arlo Hertz
    Arlo Hertz

    I’m VERY SURE that a knock to the head with a frying pan and a chair to the head would cause some damage...

  • Dominic Werremeyer
    Dominic Werremeyer

    So is Cory actually having another kid or

  • Tim Mercer
    Tim Mercer

    I love game night's too specially with rage monster

  • Saim Shaikh
    Saim Shaikh

    Each egg has 12 grams of protein, and that was a pack of 18. 😥

  • poop

    The new title should be "This video makes you feel like you're on drugs".

  • Azaleya Reid
    Azaleya Reid

    7:35 a.k.a. *"Everyone who has watched at least one detective anime"*

  • Peter Johannes JR
    Peter Johannes JR

    GG ON 55K

  • Jason McDonald
    Jason McDonald


  • Ethan Stanford
    Ethan Stanford


  • Finley Edelen
    Finley Edelen

    I love you guys and it would be awesome if you could reply 🤍🤍

  • zhanti zhyre
    zhanti zhyre

    Rage monster